Law Office of Matt Michaels: Practice Areas

We are focused on Divorce, Family Law, Wills and Trusts, Civil Litigation, Probate, Contracts, Business Law, Real Property, Criminal Law and most General Law matters. >Click for Family Law        >Click for Estate Planning

DIVORCE, CUSTODY, AND FAMILY LAW: Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support (Alimony), Parenting Time, Paternity, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Post-Nuptial Agreements, Personal Protection Orders (PPO's), Mediation Advocate, Litigator, Friend of the Court Hearings, Domestic Relation Orders (QDRO's), Property Division, Arbitration Advocate, Etc. >Click for Family Law

ESTATE PLANNING: Wills & Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Finance. Trusts (A-B, Spendthrift, Discretionary, Cottage Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Educational Trusts, ...), Enhanced Life Estate Deeds (Ladybird Deeds) >Click for Estate Planning

PROBATE: Guardianships, Conservatorships, Probate Estates, Decedent Estates, Will and Trust Contests, Breach of Fiduciary Duties, Etc.

CRIMINAL LAW: Misdemeanors, Drunk Driving OWI/DUI, Retail Fraud, Larceny, Special Pleas (Drugs, Youthful Offender, Domestic Violence), Etc...

GENERAL LAW: Civil Litigation (Trial Attorney), Real Estate (boundary disputes, adverse possession, neighbor disputes), Contracts (common law, Uniform Commercial Code), Business Law (formation, employment, noncompete agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc), Torts (intentional, negligence, dog bites, defamation).