Law Office of Matt Michaels: References


"[Matt Michaels] is a no nonsense, get things done at a reasonable price kind of person." GJ Hin, Rochester MI

"[C]hoosing a divorce lawyer ... is a trying, and also critical decision. I spent about 1 year looking at different lawyers and asking around and came to the conclusion to partner with Matt Michaels, a decision I never regretted. Matt is a straightforward, no-nonsense type person. Matt will lead you through the possible steps and probable outcomes, well ahead of the actual divorce proceedings. Matt was professional, keeping me in constant communication through the whole process and assisting me through an extremely difficult divorce.... At every time she was ready with her lawyer to play a game, Matt was already prepared and experienced to handle the outcome and counteract. Matt filed all the of documentation, on time, and was never late to a meeting or a court appointment. Matt was available to me when I called or emailed, right away. In the end, Matt made sure that I was represented fairly and that I would get fair and equitable time with my children and retain an appropriate amount of my hard-earned assets. Now looking back 6 months later, I couldn't be more pleased. I am in my marital home with my children. Thank you, Matt, I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to your services." TM, Brighton MI

"I am glad I called Attorney Matt Michaels when I faced a contested and stressful divorce. His advice was solid and clear from the first phone call. He won every argument and motion over several months of this unfortunate battle, including a winning legal brief on a complex property settlement issue. He outworked opposing lawyers every step of the way. I am very pleased with Attorney Michaels’ work on my case and I have since hired him for another matter. I recommend Attorney Matt Michaels for your legal work."  K.H. Brighton MI

"I just wanted to say thank you [to Atty Matt Michaels] for being such a big help to me throughout my divorce process! I know you were hired to do a job, but your professionalism and efforts in my case were very much appreciated. You did a great job, and I would gladly recommend you to anyone!" D.M., Dexter MI

"I got 3 traffic citations at one time. One charge was a misdemeanor, two were civil infractions, and my license was suspended. Attorney Michaels represented me at the Secretary of State hearing where I got my driving privileges back on the spot. At the District Court, Attorney Michaels worked out a deal for the speeding violation to be thrown out, the no proof of insurance dismissed, and most importantly – the misdemeanor reduced to a 2-point speeding ticket which is only a civil infraction! He was with me every step of the way. I recommend him."   I.K., Howell MI

"When a painful divorce came my way, my primary goal was to obtain joint legal and physical custody of my children with shared parenting time. Atty Matt Michaels worked efficiently with my spouse’s attorney to help accomplish my goals without unnecessary drama. Atty Matt Michaels clearly explained the risks-versus-benefits of each decision during the process. We were able to settle the case and avoid expensive court hearings. Thanks, great job."  K.S., Brighton MI

"Investing in, remodeling, and leasing properties is what I do. So, I appreciate Attorney Matt Michaels taking care of the related legal matters. For example, he appealed to get the assessed value (and taxes) on one of my properties reduced by 1/3. His fee was very reasonable, and he is one of the few lawyers I know who actually returns phone calls. I intend to hire him for future closings and related matters." J.B., Dearborn Heights

"I relied on Matt Michaels’ legal advice and efforts on two different occasions and was very satisfied with his work. He helped me work through a business contract dispute and prevented it from escalating into a high-cost matter. Then I was involved in a property dispute and Attorney Michaels crafted a strategy to get the problems off my back. I got more than my money’s worth, and I recommend Matt Michaels to others for their legal matters." L.L., Howell MI